lsrw Skills Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Language is generally taught and assessed in terms of four skills Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing LSRW skills. We should develop LSRW skills in the student who are required to lean English. Listening and speaking are fundamental skills. These skills should be developed properly during the teaching- leaning programmers of school going children.

Speaking and listening are the basic steps of leaning language. These are the fundamental skills of English language. These skills are used by both of literate and illiterate person but reading and writing are used by literate person only, listening and speaking are complementary to each other, though listening is recognition skill and speaking is production skill. It the teaching of English due emphasis be laid on the development of skills of listening and speaking.

Generally speaking, it is emphasized that we first teach listening, then speaking, then reading and writing. However, in real life situation of language communication, these LSRW skills are interdependent in many ways, even thought can be taught independently to some extent.

what is lsrw Skills?

There are many skills which are necessary for learning English language educators have long use the concept of four basic language lsrw skills. lsrw skills is 4 types of English Language Skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

1. Listening Skill

This is related to audio sense. It is a passive activity; Listening occurs when someone is speaking. Listening means that audio sense makes sense to the sound which is created by speech. It helps a person in understanding. To hear and understand then and there is listening. “Listening is an active process (Not a passive one) because it demands active involvement of the listeners for reconstructing the massage”.

The Objective of Listening Skill

  • Listening is the first language skill we acquire in our native language.
  • It could be enhanced by focusing on making the student listen to the sounds of that language.
  • Receptive skill or Passive skill.

2. Speaking Skill

Development of speaking skill has an important roe in the teaching of English. The ability to understand spoken English is needed in ordinary conversation, exchange of greeting and receiving orders are directions. The ability to speak English is needed in communicating with other people, foreigners, and people from other state of country. Dr. B. Ballard writes “We are ever liable to forget that language is first and foremost a spoken thing, not a written thing. Its appeal is to the ear, not to the eye.” In the long history of human race, the spoken form of language continued to be its dynamic aspect.

Speaking is the productive skill in the oral mode. It like the other skills is more complex than it seems at the first and involves more than just pronouncing words.

The Objective of Speaking Skill

  • Used in communication.
  • be able to express feelings and emotions.
  • make the learners a good and confident speaker.
  • Enable the use of correct words, spellings, rhyme, fluency, pause etc.
  • productive skill and Active skill.

3. Reading Skill

Reading is a most useful and important skill. It is more important than speaking and writing. Reading is a source of joy. Listening and speaking are the reproductive aspects and reading and writing are the productive aspects of language lsrw Skills. The learner of English must know reading English because reading opens the gate of knowledge.

Reading in such an important activity. Reading is the process of looking carefully at written or printed symbol and translating them into the spoken symbols. It is a composite activity that takes place as a unit of action. Reading provides opportunities to study language: vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and the way we construct sentence, paragraphs, and text. Reading is a respective skill in the written made. It can develop independently of listening and speaking but often develops along with them.

The Objective of Reading Skill

  • Reading is a learning skill.
  • It helps you to improve all parts of the English language.
  • Able to comprehend the text.
  • Establish a relationship between spoken words and printed text.
  • Receptive skill or Passive skill.

4.Writing Skill

Writing is one of the most important skills of leaning a language. The skill of writing should follow the skill of listening, speaking, and reading. But it is not less important than those skills. The student should be taught to wright English correctly and legibly. The real test of their knowledge of the language is their ability to express their ideas in written form. Writing has an instrumental value in school. Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man. Writing is a tool used to enable us to express what is in our mind and for some people is almost as important as speech.

The Objective of Writing Skill

  • Writing skills reinforce oral and reading work.
  • Communicate the thoughts and feelings in written form.
  • Organize ideas systematically.
  • productive skill or Active skill.

Relationship between the four LSRW skills

Receptive Language Skills

1.-Listening 2.-Reading

Productive Language Skills

1.-Speaking 2.-Writing


Q.1-Under which activity do recognizing sounds and deducing meaning from them come?





Ans- 2.Listening

Q.2-Which of the following Is best suited for improving the speaking skills of learners?

1.Reading a prose and drama aloud

2.Oral language drill

3.Debates and group discussion

4.Recitation of poetry

Ans- 3.Debates and group discussion

Q.3- Correct speech habits can be developed most effectively through

1.Pronunciation practice

2.vocabulary practice



Ans- 1.Pronunciation practice

Q.4-Writing Is the…Representation of speech sounds.





Ans- 4.graphical

Q.5-Inreading ‘scanning’ means…

1.quick survey of the text

2.examining everything closely and minutely

3.predicting the content

4.for comprehensive

Ans- 2.examining everything closely and minutely

Q.6-Language skills are best learnt

1.only through written tests and assignments

2.if they are taught in an integrated manner

3.with the help of challenging and mechanical language


4.when they are introduced in isolation, one skill at a time

Ans- 2.if they are taught in an integrated manner

Q.7-Scribbling is a stage of





Ans- 3.writing

Q.8-A primary teacher should introduce reading through





Ans- 1.stories

lsrw skills in english

lsrw skills meaning

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